From Exhausted & Never Having Enough Energy


Glowing From The Inside Out & Kicking Ass Daily

A few years ago I went through my life feeling like a zombie.

There but not REALLY there.

Tired no matter how much I slept. Always struggling to get out of bed. Never feeling like I had enough energy to deal with normal life, much less to chase my dreams and make the changes I knew I wanted to.

I wanted to show up with ENERGY!!

But I thought that you were either a person that was born with energy or you weren't. And I thought that clearly I wasn't one of those gifted people.

I finally figured out that while some people do naturally have more energy than others, that wasn't the entire picture.

ENERGY is something that I could CREATE in myself.

I learned how to IGNITE MY FIRE!!

And I'm going to teach you how I did it!!

And still do it every day to live an energetic, ignited life!

There are a few things I was missing and you probably are too:

*Investing Time on Myself

*Harnessing Habits to Work FOR Me


This changed the game for me because I was always putting myself at the very bottom of the list. (If I'm being totally honest, I'm not sure I was even on the list.) I felt like adding one more thing to do each day would just sap my energy even more.

I was stuck in bad habit loops and negativity.

I was lacking people who pushed me and were striving to be their best selves. I felt like if I didn't do everything on my own, that I was failing somehow.

"As soon as I started watching the first video, I felt like Annie was talking right to me. I keep waiting for my "motivation" to kick in but it never comes. This course helped me get myself on track and ignite my own fire!" ~Kim T.

So I will be providing all of that.

The whats, whys, and most importantly HOWS of getting yourself on the TOP of your priority list so you can feel good again. I want you to feel as amazing as I do each and every day. I want to help you be successful and take care of yourself.

Teaching you how to break out of those bad habits and negativity, but also how to harness the power of good habits so it doesn't feel so hard to stick to what you know you SHOULD do.

The community needed to give you the extra support, tips, tricks / maybe the piece you are really lacking.



"I realized how much I have shown up for people through my life who don't care about me or my family. This course helped me flip a switch so I am going to work just as hard for MYSELF. I'm doing it for ME now!" ~Catherine R.

"It's only been a couple of days since I finished this course and my friend noticed a difference in me! I wake up in the mornings feeling empowered. There were things in the course I had just never thought about from that perspective and it has changed my whole mindset." ~Nikki M.


It's time to go through the process, and figure out how to align this with your path!

Quit holding yourself back just because you think you don't have the energy...

It's time to get rid of that way of thinking and TAKE THE NEXT STEP!

PRICE = $20


Where will the course be held?

Everything is housed in your Membership Library. You will have a private login to access this and any other courses or memberships of mine that you are a part of, all in one place. You will have lifetime membership to it, so you don't have to worry about starting (or finishing) it on a specific date. All of the content and resources will be there for you to go back to, re-download, and re-watch whenever you want to.

How much time is required?

I tried to keep each module to around 20 minutes (although 2 of them went longer) and there are 6 of them. You will have lifetime access to these in your Membership Library so you can watch them at your own pace. Give or take a bit depending on how much time you want to spend going through the resources, I estimate it will take you between 3 and 3-1/2 hours to complete the entire course.

Is this your only course?

As of right now, yes, but stay tuned for the next course in my Energy Series, coming late April! 

If you want to do more work with me right now, you always have my Virtual Fit Club as an option where I share what I have learned, inspiration, tips, and tricks daily!

( will find some special offers and gifts in the last module of this course, exclusive just for course members!)